Advantages of Training with Weighted Vests

Weighted vests are, just as the name suggests, heavy vests that were originally designed for the army and then started to be commonly used in body training. Their original purpose was to add weight to the user to make the exercising more difficult and more intense. People who work out regularly are familiar with this type of vest but those who train less often probably never heard of it. Once they discover all the advantages of training with weighted vests, they will be more interested in this fitness equipment.

Use the vest with caution

Before you start wearing a weighted vest while training, you must make sure you are up to it and that you will not cause any damage to your body. Keep in mind that weight vests weigh around 20 pounds so not everyone can carry them.

Increased strength and endurance

Workouts usually imply a lot of effort and strain the body to a point where it can’t go any further because it feels exhausted. One of the results of training with a weighted vest is that your body will gain more physical endurance so it will be more powerful during workouts. By carrying an extra weight, your body needs to develop more strength so it will be able to go on with exercising. This leads to increased muscle strength and endurance, which is something all athletes search for in their workout routines.

Cardiovascular benefits

Cardio workouts can be more productive if you put on a weighted vest while running on a treadmill or rowing because it will make the activity more challenging. Besides the fact that running or rowing accelerate your heart rate and increase blood flow, adding extra weight will force your body to exceed its limits. This results in strengthening the lungs and increasing your ability to consume oxygen and to absorb lactate into your blood. Once this happens, you will improve your workout time, your velocity, and your overall resistance.

Musculoskeletal benefits

Wearing a weighted vest during workouts makes your muscles stronger because they have to handle the increased weight but the load is also transmitted to the bones which are forced to get stronger in order to carry the weight. The extra loading stimulates bone cells to create new bone material that results in an increased bone mass. In other words, your bones become denser and stronger due to the heavy vest, which is a benefit you rarely find in a training equipment.