Advantages of Working Out on a Stair Climber

You probably have heard about the health benefits of climbing the stairs rather than taking the elevator and the benefits of this type of workout have become widely known. This is what lead to the development of stair climbers, which are fitness machines that provide the efficiency of climbing stairs and the affordability of having stairs withing reach. This extremely convenient fitness item is great for people who want to make the best of their workouts and here is how stair climbers can boost your results.

Increased heart rate

Stair climbers provide a cardio workout, meaning they increase heart rate and improve blood flow so the oxygen amounts reaching your organs are larger. This results in improved cardiovascular endurance that allows you to yield better during extended physical activities. Regular exercising on the stair climber can have excellent results in improving your heart rate and your overall resistance.

Worked muscles

While climbing stairs, the lower part of your body meaning the hamstrings, the glutes, and the calves are contracted and strained due to the effort you put into climbing each step. Also, some models deliver resistance as you have to push down and lift up the leg in order to climb so the straining of the muscles is increased. This feature of the stair climbers is called independent pedal action and is very effective in working both the front and the back leg muscles.

Calories burned

The double action of the stair climber that involves cardio performance and resistance movement makes this fitness machine a great aid in losing weight and toning the body. It’s far more efficient than walking on a straight surface or lifting weights and it can help you burn 300 calories in 30 minutes.

Accelerated metabolism

The fact that stair climbers work large muscles in your body enables them to increase the metabolic rate. Due to the resistance provided by this type of exercise, the lean muscle tissue is increased so the metabolism is accelerated and you will manage to control the amounts of calories burned at rest.