Best Pre-Workout Energy Snacks

Before you start your workout routine, you must offer your body the necessary nutrients, fibers, and proteins that will keep it strong during the intense effort implied by exercising. The following energy snacks will make sure you enjoy all the strength you need for accomplishing your fitness goals safely so don’t forget to feed on these before you head it to the gym.


Among all fruits, bananas contain the highest amounts of carbohydrates that turn into real fuel for your body during workouts. They also contain potassium that helps your muscles work properly so keep this in mind next time you are looking for an energy snack. It’s best to eat bananas no more than 30 minutes before exercising because your body doesn’t store potassium for long.


Oats contain a lot of fibers meaning they release carbohydrates into your body gradually so you will have plenty of energy during your workouts. The levels of vitamin B in oats also encourage the body to turn carbs into energy which is why oats are considered to be great for boosting the energy levels. Have a bowl of oatmeal cereals 30 minutes before going to the gym for a maximum energy booster.


Dairy smoothies are great snacks prior to exercising because they contain high amounts of proteins from the yogurt or milk you put in them. You can mix yogurt with strawberries or mango or you can go for the non-dairy version and mix only fruits and vegetables rich in proteins like spinach, blackberries, apricots, broccoli or cucumber. Grab a smoothie on your way to the gym without any fear that it will make you sick because smoothies are very mild on your stomach.

Trail mix

The ultimate pre-workout snack could be a trail mix, which is a combination of healthy snacks including nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. Although you can find many trail mix combinations in stores, it’s best that you make your own so you will avoid eating too much salt or sugar.

Peanut butter

Who would have thought that your favorite sweets from childhood could help you get the energy you need for your grown up workouts? This delicious food is packed with proteins and if you mix it with some honey, flaxseeds, and some chocolate chips, you will have an energy bomb to fill you for an intense workout session. Mix all the ingredients into tiny balls and enjoy them before you start working out.