Best Tips for Soothing Sore Muscles

Although muscle soreness is proof that you have worked your muscles well during your fitness session, we all agree that sore muscles are extremely painful and uncomfortable. Everyone who has exercised knows the feeling of aching and stiff muscles and everyone is waiting for the miraculous remedy that will eliminate muscle soreness. Until that remedy is invented, here are some true and efficient tips for soothing sore muscles.

Hot and cold compresses

A useful method of treating sore muscles is to apply hot and cold patches to the painful area. The temperature differences will force the muscles to react and will improve blood circulation. A hot shower followed by a cold wave of water will have an increased effect on your entire body.

A stretching session

You might think that it’s impossible to soothe aching muscles with more exercising, but stretching can actually help relieve muscle pain. Start with a light warm-up before stretching and flexing your legs and hands to allow the muscles to loosen up and improve mobility.

A good massage

We couldn’t think of anything more relaxing after an extenuating workout than a great massage designed to relax the muscles and alleviate pain. Try using a massage chair after going to the gym and allow it to handle your entire body with movements that mimic various massage techniques. This will increase blood flow that will penetrate the tissues in depth, resulting in alleviated pain.

Take an anti-inflammatory medicine

Pills that help reduce swelling and pressure in a tissue are great for relaxing your muscles after a straining workout. Substances like ibuprofen are great in decreasing muscle soreness and, most important, are safe to take after a workout. However, don’t exaggerate with ibuprofen as this will not show better results.

A sauna bath

Jump into the sauna right after a fitness session in order to help your body fight muscle soreness. The relaxing effect of the sauna goes beyond comfort and reaches therapeutic levels. Use an infrared sauna to enjoy the benefits of infrared light that penetrates the tissues in depth and encourages blood to circulate faster. This will result in less pain and more flexibility of the muscles.

Drink plenty of water

After an exerting workout, water can help you recover and ease muscle pain because it hydrates your muscles and gets the blood going. Water helps transport nutrients in your body so the muscles will receive their share of energy and nutrition in order to fight pain and discomfort.