Do You Hydrate Properly During Your Workouts

Drinking enough water during workouts is essential for staying safe and not being at risk of heat exhaustion caused by the intense effort. Staying properly hydrated will help you spend more time exercising and will increase your endurance so you will get better results from your workout routine. Therefore, before you start exercising, ask yourself whether or not you hydrate properly during workouts.

Drink water before workouts

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are the results of overheating your body and can be fatal if you don’t prevent it. The only way to stay away from overheating is to hydrate properly every time you workout so your body will have enough resources to adjust its temperature to a safe level. Hydration should start before your exercises so you will collect enough water resources to allow your body to sweat and cool down. The water you drink travels through your body and reaches deep into your tissues so your entire body will receive enough water to prevent overheating. Water sends nutrients and carbs into your bloodstream so you will have enough strength to resist to the intense effort.

Hydrate during exercising

Hydration must continue during workouts in order to ensure that your body will resist to the effort and will not suffer from dehydration. Exercising will make you feel thirsty as a sign that your interior temperature is increasing. Quench your thirst by taking small sips every once in a while and you will manage to regulate your temperature and prevent heat exhaustion.

Make sure you drink clean water

The water you drink must be of the highest quality so the hydration will only have beneficial effects and will not bring any impurities into your body. The most efficient way to ensure that the drinking water is clean and safe is to use a water filter that removes all the harmful particles in the water like dust, sediment, heavy metals, bacteria, and gases. Using a water filter will ensure the water you drink during workouts will not worsen your health in any way.

Try alkaline water

A secret many athletes know is that alkaline water is better than regular water because it contains more oxygen that penetrates deeper into your organs and travels faster into your blood. This results in a better hydration that promotes better fitness performance. Instead of spending your money on bottled alkaline water that is quite expensive, use a water ionizer at home to turn tap water into alkaline water by adding oxygen ions to it. This device installs on your tap and works on a technology called electrolysis that runs regular water through a chamber that makes it more acid by adding it oxygen ions.