How to Build Muscle Mass Faster

Building muscle mass may take time and a lot of patience. You need to know certain guidelines and basic rules before you start a muscle mass program. However, it’s highly probable that you have already learned all these things, and now you want to take the progress to another level – gain muscle mass faster. How can you do that? It may not be necessary to make drastic changes, but just to learn some tips.


You may be very surprised to find out that you need to eat more than you used to. To find out how many calories you need, you can multiply your current weight by 20. The result is the number of daily calories your body needs. In order to get your calories from nutrition, you have to eat whole foods from every food group. Eat calorie-rich protein meals like roast beef, steak, roasted chicken, eggs or salmon. Introduce plenty of fruits and vegetables because they will provide you with fiber and nutrients. Also, whole grains are highly recommended, such as whole wheat, oatmeal, biscuits, muffins or others.

Take supplements, but only as helpers

The supplements can accelerate the process of building muscle mass. Creatine is one of the protein supplements that was proven to help achieve bigger muscles. You have to mix it with water and drink it a few times in a day. Another essential supplement you can take is whey protein. It helps a lot if you want to build big, lean muscles. The body easily absorbs and digests the whey protein. You may also try glutamine as it is the most abundant amino acid in your body. It helps the muscle fibers and reduces the chances of having a muscle breakdown. Nevertheless, don’t forget that the supplements will not do the job for you, but they will only help you.

Exercise big muscle groups

Training the big muscle groups leads to bigger muscles faster. These muscle groups are the leg, back and chest muscles, so what you have to do is to work out these groups at least once a week.

Lift weight progressively

When the muscles get used to a certain load, they tend to stop growing. Therefore, constantly changing the weight with 10 pounds per week, will force your body to grow more muscle fibers in order to resist the load.

Get rest between workouts

In case you have a fast metabolism, then you should know that the rest period is almost as important as the workouts. Your body needs time for being able to build muscle, so take things easy. Get a good sleep and your body will recover for the next workout.