Pros and Cons of Different Types of Rowing Machines

If your plan at the moment is to keep yourself fit and build muscle mass as well, then a great fitness device that will help you achieve your goal is the rowing machine. There are three types, and each of them has advantages and disadvantages as well. It is recommended to take a look at this article, in order to find out what are the pros and cons of different types of rowing machines.


These units come with pairs of hydraulic pistons, which are actually connected to separate handlebars. These pistons are adjustable, and they provide the resistance. Some users are not happy about this type of machines due to the fact that they can only help you work only your arms, and not your legs, as other rowing machines can do. One of the best things about these devices is that they are quite affordable, in comparison with the other types, which are very expensive.


When it comes to water rowing machines, we can say that they have an enclosed tank of water with some paddles which are suspended inside. This type of fitness device provides a lot more resistance the harder and faster you row, and this means that you will work the whole body. A disadvantage would be the costs, which is quite high, and due to this reason not so many people can afford a device like this. Otherwise, it is absolutely amazing.


Air rowing machines can generate natural movement, and they are perfect for larger and taller users, due to the fact that it provides a full range of movement. You will find very easy to maintain a machine like this, which is actually a lot less bulky in comparison with other models. One of the things that some users do not like about these units is the fact that they are quite noisy, and this can be disturbing. Furthermore, if you decide to buy a product like this and place it in your home, you will need some space as this model provides complete extensions.


Magnetic rowing machines come with adjustable handlebars, in order to enable easy stroke. A fitness device like this features a movable seat, and due to this reason it is definitely perfect for lower body workout. Furthermore, the workout can be customized so that you can obtain a wide range of resistance. A disadvantage would be the fact that magnetic machines cannot be folded up, due to the fact that they are mounted on a track or monorail. These units are quite big, and you should not go for one unless you have a big home.