Quick Snack Ideas Perfect After Intense Workouts

After an intense workout, you need to recover your strength and a good snack can help you regain some of the energy you lost while running or lifting weights. Our tasty and nutritious snack ideas are easy to make, are ready in a couple of minutes, and are filled with nutrients, proteins, and vitamins that give you back your strength and help you go on with your regular activities after a workout.

Quinoa, vegetables, and chicken

For this post-workout snack, you will need 1/3 cup of quinoa, 1 cup of cooked vegetables of your preference, and one cup of cooked chicken. Boil the quinoa before mixing it with the rest of the ingredients to get a snack that is filled with carbs from the quinoa, proteins from the chicken, and antioxidants from the vegetables. All these work to restore your muscle strength and help repair muscle damage. To make the snack more delicious, add one egg and put everything in the microwave for 5 minutes to make a nice sort of tart.

Boiled eggs and orange juice

Eggs contain high amounts of proteins that help muscles recover after an intense workout, and glutamine, a powerful amino acid that promotes muscle strength. Boiled eggs are a healthy way of enjoying all the good stuff in eggs and can help you feel more energized after working out. Oranges also contain a bunch of nutritious and helpful substances like vitamin C that promotes muscle strength and water and potassium that help you hydrate after the intense effort.

Banana chocolate milk milkshake

All the ingredients of this post-workout milkshake contain something that will help you boost your energy levels and recover after running or rowing for a long time. The banana has potassium and plenty of fibers that contribute to repairing your damaged muscles while the chocolate increases the sugar levels in your blood to offer you the necessary strength and to fight the hunger feeling. Opt for low-fat chocolate milk that won’t add calories to your diet and put the two ingredients if the blender to give them a swirl.